Ideal tamper base shape for a pre-infusion machine?

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Ideal tamper base shape for a pre-infusion machine?

Postby Duck on Mon Feb 01, 2010 8:31 am

Has anyone experimented with using multiple tamper base shapes to find an ideal shape when tamping for an espresso machine with a pre-infusion feature as it relates to taste? I have used a flat bottom base for years but started thinking about whether or not the increased puck saturation would be affected and need to be adjusted/corrected.

The effects of tamper base shape in regards to taste/overall quality is a little subjective to begin with, but I was wondering if anyone has played with this specific matchup as I have not and won't really be able to for a few months. Thanks!

-- Duck
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Re: Ideal tamper base shape for a pre-infusion machine?

Postby justinemerson on Sun Feb 21, 2010 8:41 pm

hey Duck we are in the process of playing with this on the Slayer. So far in a very peculiar twist a perfect fitting flat Pullman tamper gives us channeling and a very uneven extraction, viewed on the naked it starts on the outer circumference and makes its way into the centre. The best result we have had so far is one of our own flat tampers with a 56mm dia and a 4mm radius on the outside edge, i have a convex Pullman tamper on order so i will update once i have had a play.
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