pourover- ceramic vs. plastic

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pourover- ceramic vs. plastic

Postby Brett Hanson on Wed May 06, 2009 11:05 pm

I've been enjoying my melitta one cup pourover the last few months, but the sudden appearance of a tiny bee house ceramic model in the whole foods coffee aisle has reignited my brewing device lust and started me questioning my cubicle coffee game and the pourover stations I'm starting to see pop up at shops around town.

I think we can all agree the bee house drippers are adorable and seem to have the words "craft" and "boutique" written all over them, but what about their temperature response? With the continuing focus on stability (uber, clover, etc) for a brewing method as short as pourover, temperature would seem to be important.

With no technical testing performed, I feel fairly confident that my plastic melitta pourover will come up to temperature when I initially wet the paper filter. Can the same be said for the ceramic pourover?

Are folks doing anything to take the ceramic pourover from room temp to brewing temp before they brew? Storing them on the espresso machine? Flushing them with a few cups of brew water prior to wetting the filter?
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