Dosing pour-over station water tower

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Dosing pour-over station water tower

Postby Jim Saborio on Mon Nov 01, 2010 5:49 pm

We just added a new water tower on our bar. It's nothing particularly sexy, so don't get excited. I considered buying this tower before we opened, but heeded the advice that having a digital temperature readout on the front of the machine is very important.

It's a Bunn model H5E-DV PC

We upgraded from a 2 gallon Newco tower which ran off of 240v. It was nice because it had a real-time temperature readout on the operator's side. Its drawbacks were its max functional set temp of 204, and the fact that it wasn't designed to deal with the volume we were using it for.

We aren't a super busy shop, but all of our brewed coffee is made to order so the tower gets used a lot. With the Newco, we had problems with the water being too cool by the time it was poured in the kettle, so we started using an induction plate last spring. The efficiency and speed of the induction plate made the water tower's output temp unimportant. Even if the tower dropped to the high 180s, the induction plate could quickly get the water to where it needed to be.

With set temp concerns out of the way, and 18 months of refining our pour-over method, the initial selling point of the Bunn tower seemed irresistible. This model has buttons for 3 programmable doses of water. We were pleased to find it reliably doses within 2 grams of the set volume time after time.

You press the button, and you have a very reliable dose of water... hands and scale free! It may not be the perfect set-up, but it is much more consistent and efficient than what we had been doing.

Ryan, our fabrication guy, made us a shelf to rest our Buono right under the spout.

...aaannndd the Starbucks down the street just got a Clover
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