Natural Decaf Coffee from Enzyme-deficient Strains

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Natural Decaf Coffee from Enzyme-deficient Strains

Postby jakethecoffeelover on Mon Sep 15, 2008 9:24 pm

Whilst wasting my time (which I've had plenty of since I stopped posting on the forums) with an extended internet news crawl, I stumbled upon this through an article on the Mexican Water Process.

I gather that the coffees that contain this genetic mutation lack the genetic sequences that code for caffeine synthase, which converts theobromine into caffeine. Therefore, I'd assume that the theobromine levels are much higher than regular coffee. Since theobromine has similar stimulant effects, this breakthrough is perhaps just a redundant leap into the present.

I just want to be able to drink genetically modified Esmerelda all day long is all!
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Re: Natural Decaf Coffee from Enzyme-deficient Strains

Postby phaelon56 on Tue Sep 16, 2008 4:59 am

I've seen this info before although the timeline for producing a natural decaf by selective breeding was estimated at ten years duration in the previous articles. That would have it appearing in about 2014 rather than 2009. The taste will be the deciding factor for me.

In the meantime there is always Opus One - which is 30% lower in caffeine content than typical Arabica coffees.

Content below taken from this article on Daterra farms:

Following 12 and a half years of intense breeding and cultivation, Daterra Coffee of Brazil announces Opus 1 Exotic, the first 100% Arabica coffee grown to be naturally lower in caffeine. With less than 1% caffeine, Daterra Coffee's Opus 1 Exotic is the first naturally grown low-caffeine coffee available to Specialty Coffee Roasters.

Developed through natural breeding methods, Opus 1 Exotic is not genetically modified; rather it has been meticulously bred from ancient Ethiopian varieties of Caffea Arabica, the finest coffees in the world. Opus 1 Exotic is not a GMO product and poses no threats that are so often associated with GMO products. All Daterra Coffees, including Opus 1 Exotic are Rainforest Alliance certified, ISO 14001 and Utz Kapeh certified.

Daterra Coffee has successfully cultivated and brought to maturity this extraordinary new coffee. It is ready to ship to roasters worldwide. Opus 1 Exotic has 30% less caffeine than traditional Arabicas making it the perfect coffee and its taste profile is one of a kind.
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