Back to Bali!

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Back to Bali!

Postby Shaughan Dunne on Fri Jun 11, 2010 3:40 am

Hi Folks,
Heading back up to Bali this week for our annual harvest trip. The big project this year is the building of two large warm farms to deal with the discarded coffee pulp. The pulp is mixed with grass and fed to cows who get the first stage of the process underway. The cow manure is then fed to the worms who break it down further to a high quality compost which is then put back into the field. This is part of a broader plan to convert the farms to sustainable organic agriculture.
After seeing many NGO's and government initiatives come and go with lots of promises and minimal impact the farmers are understandably reserved but we are slowly winning them over and gaining credibility.
We will be photo/video documenting the process and will try to post it once we get back.

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