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Cupping fun

Postby Elaine Levia on Thu Dec 16, 2010 1:26 pm

What sort of cupping games do you play as a means of palate development?

I'm looking for more fun cup/tastebud quizzes. For instance- triangulation with a specific purpose in mind, focus on processing, elevation, etc.

Inspired by a recent cupping of Aida's Grand Reserve peaberry against two samples of Kenya Karumandi peaberry, another two washed coffees from El Salvador, and Colombia COE#1 La Loma, designed to have us evaluate taste from varietal (Kenia, Bourbon, SL28+34) versus country of origin.

or, you know, what fun have you had with cupping lately? I pilfered a soup spoon from Korean Palace BBQ and have been cupping with that. It's so long that I can sneak into cups practically from across the table.
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