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Chlorine Treatment of Washing Station Water

PostPosted: Sun Apr 24, 2011 12:22 pm
by taylormork
Has anybody here had experience with chlorine-based (or other) treatment of water in advance of the water being used to pulp/ferment/wash coffee at a washing station?

A washing station owner here in Burundi asked me about this, since he had been approached by somebody trying to sell some sort of chlorine-based product to treat the water (which is held at a small reservoir not far from the station).

Sure, water cleanliness is very important for water entering the station (and leaving, but that's a different story), but the word chlorine raised an alarm in my head in regards to the effect that may have on the cup. That said, I'm far from a water quality or chemical expert.

I don't have any other info on the product besides that it involved chlorine. I'm trying to gather more details on its composition.

Any pre-washing water treatment experiences to share?