new grinder?

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new grinder?

Postby Jason Silberschlag on Thu Nov 13, 2008 12:00 am

This is my first post!
I am currently using an M3 grinder from Versalab on my coffee cart in my roastery.
We do relatively low volume on the whole, but have two to three very busy spirts on the bar throughout the day.
I really like some of the features of the M3 like the two burr sets (conical into flat), the straight through vertical design, and the "worry free" distribution.
However, there are short-comings, like durability of the wiper blade (replaced three times in 9 mos) and the belt drive (belt replaced once due to operator error).
The long grind time is not so much an issue with the portafilter holder (currently 20ish sec), but the reliability and availability of parts scares me a little.
I am considering replacing the grinder...
To the questions:

1. I like what I see with the Robur-E doserless, but does coffee end up sitting in the chute between grindings?
2. Is the Robur-E my best bet, considering the $$$? Maybe a Compak WBC instead?
3. Does anyone out there have any experience with the M3 and other high end grinders above a Super Jolly?

Most of our baristas are still beginners, so it is important to me to have something with a timer mod at least...

Thanks for the thoughts
Jason Silberschlag
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Re: new grinder?

Postby Ryan Willbur on Thu Nov 13, 2008 4:48 pm


Good to see you here... and nice job in the SWRBC!

Generally, a little bit of coffee does get lodges in between the burrs and the exit shoot... before it enters the cone where it is distributed. The amount of coffee stuck there is minimal. There is an easy solution for this as well. The E's electronics include three buttons on top. One for use as a 'single' dose, one that is a 'double' dose, and one that is a manual grind (Where it only grinds as long as you are holding down the button). Both the single and double button timers are programmable... So, you could easily dial one in with the dose you are using to brew coffee, and the other on a much shorter cycle for cleaning the stale coffee out of the chute.

What makes the Robur-E nice compared to other doser-less grinders is that Terry and Co. found a great wake to reduce the amount of clumping in the coffee. Used right, this grinder can create some of the most consistent and beautifully dosed pucks I've experienced.

That's my two cents!
Ryan Willbur
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