'Best' commercial grinder?

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'Best' commercial grinder?

Postby Joel Edwards on Mon Oct 05, 2009 3:37 pm

It's been exciting to see the advancements made in espresso grinders, especially in the past few years, and to see the resulting improvements in espresso quality. I feel there really hasn't been as much progress in drip grinder technology, and short of a roller mill set up (expensive!), there really isn't much out there. (We've tried Mahlkoenig, Ditting, and others, but have found an older Grindmaster 500 series to be the most consistent). It seems there are always trade offs with each grinder, whether too many fines yielding over-extraction or lack of spread dumbing down the coffee. Has anyone come across a grinder they feel really does a great job for drip grinds?
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