a mindblowing Mozart performance

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a mindblowing Mozart performance

Postby SL28ave on Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:32 am


Blew my mind, at least. It's some pianist I've never heard of, old music and an old piano (actually from Mozart's time)... and the sound and structure can really take some getting used to... but it's a gem (the whole cd is).

This is hardcore.

I feel like I've discovered a 95+ microlot hidden in some valley.
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Re: a mindblowing Mozart performance

Postby Marshall on Sun Mar 29, 2009 11:23 am

The instrument you heard is actually called a "fortepiano." In the history of keyboard instruments it stands between the harpsichord and the modern piano (short for "pianoforte"). It has hammers (like a piano), instead of plucking strings (like a harpsichord), but lacks the steel frame and wide octave and volume range and long sustains of a piano. But, it's quick and responsive and is favored by period performance specialists who want to recreate the experience of early 19th century music.

I think you will enjoy the fortepiano recordings of Melvyn Tan, who recorded several Mozart and Beethoven concertos with Roger Norrington for EMI (now Virgin Arkiv) in the '80's. I heard them perform together in NY then and was quite impressed.
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