Posting for others...

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Posting for others...

Postby gabelucas on Mon May 17, 2010 5:37 am

This message is directed at Alistair, but others can chime in if you'd like. We have a coffee geek opening up a shop in Oakland who has submitted his request to join this forum. He has been reading for a while, and now that he has his shop ready to open he would like to "go pro" an join up and hopefully find some super knowledgable and professional baristas to work behind the bar.
At Ecco, we were hoping we could just post a job posting for Shawn (the owner) who is hopeful someone in Oakland wants a real barista gig. Would this be possible? I think Mr. Barnett might have already emailed you Alistair, but I figured I would throw it out on here as well. I know I have seen folks post for other folks in the past in the classified section. We are hoping this wouldn't be too much trouble!
Let us know and thanks for reading.
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Re: Posting for others...

Postby Alistair Durie on Mon May 17, 2010 8:00 am

Posting for others is not a problem. Member applications are backed up massively, just haven't had time to process them.

I do have the email, will get it posted today just need a response address for the ad.
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