SCAA Portland Skill Building Workshop

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SCAA Portland Skill Building Workshop

Postby John Gozbekian on Sat Feb 21, 2009 7:16 am

Hey all,

The SCAA is offering several Skill Building Workshops in Portland concurrently with the USBC. I am the lead instructor for the three cupping classes. I am looking for volunteers for table leads and also for porters. The cupping classes are always well attended, fun and interactive. If you have not been a volunteer for these classes, this is a great intro. Email me at with your interest and any questions.

There are two classes on Friday, March 6; morning and afternoon; and one on Saturday morning, March 7. The classes are three hours long with volunteers showing up an hour before for set up and about 30 minutes after for clean up.

For those of you going to the SCAA Atlanta Conference, the cupping subcommittee is also recruiting volunteers for its classes. We have 12 cupping classes of four different levels and can use table leads ans porters.

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