Counter Intelligence Pro Series: Tasting & Technique

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Counter Intelligence Pro Series: Tasting & Technique

Postby marko on Tue Oct 26, 2010 7:01 am

Counter Culture Coffee is excited to announce the first of our Professional Coffee Education Series: Tasting and Technique. The 2-day, hands-on education experience will take place December 8-9 in our NYC Training Center in Manhattan.

Instructors will include Counter Culture Director of Coffee and co-owner Peter Giuliano (who is also the sitting President of the Specialty Coffee Association of America); Katie Carguilo, Erin Meister, Tommy Gallagher, and Phil Proteau.

$495 per person, includes two days of cutting-edge coffee education.

$295 per person for Counter Culture wholesale customers.

10% discount for Barista Guild of America members.

We're offering two tracks of study in this Professional Coffee Education Series:


- The Truth About Extraction: really understanding how coffee is brewed. We’ll provide clarity and find Zen within the science of coffee brewing, separate strength from extraction, taste the difference TDS makes, turn the heat up (and down) to explore the impact of water temperature, put particle size to the test, and run it all through the Extract Mojo.

- Manual Brewing - History, Renaissance, and the Impact on Our Industry: Some not-so-new brewing techniques and ideology have been instrumental in a growing movement to return to single cup coffee preparation, allowing us to rethink what a great coffee shop can look like. We’ll see where it all started, how it works within today’s coffee culture, and how manual brewing technology makes it possible to make better coffee with a smaller footprint.

- Coffee Tasting in the Professional Setting: moving beyond exploratory cupping. Cupping as a culinary exercise is great, but coffee professionals must graduate to using forms and analytical cupping in order to participate in Cup of Excellence and other professional cupping environments. This class will familiarize the coffee professional with the various analytical cupping protocols in the coffee industry.


- Exploring Acidity: Understanding this most important of coffee’s flavor characteristics, its impact on quality, its origins. Students will taste and identify the major acids which impact coffee flavor.

- Understanding Coffee Preparation and Processing: The process by which coffee is cleaned, dried and prepared for export varies widely, from country to country and farm to farm. Through taste experiences, we’ll explore how preparation and processing techniques affect the flavors in the cup.

- Defects: You’ve heard about them, what do they taste like? Understandably, it can be challenging to obtain defective from farmers, especially in the specialty world, but the ability to taste and recognize defects is a crucial skill for a professional coffee cupper. We’ll share the bad and the worse, and learn what creates these faults and defects on even the most meticulous coffee farms.

- Coffee Varieties: an exploration of coffee varieties, their histories and flavors The rare, the classics, and the ones that we can’t explain: we’ll explore the difference a plant makes, from the abundant diversity of varieties growing wild Ethiopia to the stalwarts of cultivated coffee in the rest of the world.

Coffee Roasting - Beyond Light and Dark: Exploring the flavors that come with roasting: profile roasting.

As with all events these days, you can RSVP on facebook.

For more more information and to register, please contact Lydia Iannetti at or 888.238.5282.
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