Central NY Grinder Burr Smackdown

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Central NY Grinder Burr Smackdown

Postby phaelon56 on Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:35 am

This announcement has also been posted elsewhere but putting it here for those of you who do not frequent any other coffee sites...

Okay... it may be a bit of hyperbole but it's real. I am planning a "bake-off" test to compare three different grinder burr sets in Mazzer Major grinders.

This will be held in my highly scientific lab (aka the kitchen) in Syracuse on December 19th (the 12th is also a possibility but the 19th looks better). Andy Schecter of Schectermatic fame will be in attendance and we're hoping to get a few more geeks to appear and help us provide a larger statistical sampling.

1) Three refurbed Mazzer major grinders - all of similar vintage and equipped as follows

Grinder A) a set of new Duramill Major burrs courtesy of Angelo and Michael at Espresso Parts Source
Grinder B) a set of new Mazzer OEM burrs from my stock (the newer style that is branded on the burrs)
Grinder C) a set of new aftermarket burrs from my stock

Will be using Metropolis Redline as the test blend and plan on doing blind A/B/C measurements of grind time, visual appearance of grounds and most important - taste and flavor characteristics. Also thinking that some triangulation tests might be helpful. This will be an informal affair and the first time I've done any such testing. Suggestions welcomed and additional participants highly desired. PM me here or email me at the Y! phaelon56
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