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Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance

PostPosted: Tue May 31, 2011 2:04 pm
by Christopher Schooley
I'm glad to announce the formation of the Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance. This is a group of coffee folks in the west around the rockies who are inspired to deliver amazing coffee experiences to everyone involved. There's a lot of exciting coffee being done out here and we want to pool our efforts to try to raise professional and consumer awareness of it. Here is the charter:


To strengthen community amongst professionals in the coffee industry and to use this community to promote inquiry and improve the quality of coffee within our region.
To encourage interaction with our patrons and colleagues to illustrate what craft coffee endeavors to be, fostering a passionate atmosphere within that relationship, and to transform "consumers” into “enthusiasts”.

Artisans within the professional coffee community, defined by a commitment to, and demonstrated proficiency with the various crafts within the coffee industry: sourcing, transporting, roasting, selling, monitoring, and preparing.
Artisans within the amateur coffee community demonstrating an equal commitment to the promotion of craft coffee to the broader public.

Applicants must have the reference of a current member and also produce a statement about their own commitment to quality and their pursuit of/approach to honing their craft, This shouldn’t be viewed as a “prove it” kind of statement, but rather empowering the applicant to reflect on their commitment to producing craft coffee. This statement will be shared through our blog or website so that patrons can go online and learn about our group as well as see how individual members approach their craft.

Artisan: A professional in a skilled trade. Members of the RMCCA are artisans in that they are actively involved in honing their skills and constantly striving to better understand their craft.

Craft: Skill in carrying out one’s work. When we talk about Craft Coffee, we are saying that the coffee has been skillfully and carefully: sourced, profiled and analyzed, roasted, prepared, and monitored for quality.

What does this all mean to people who enjoy great coffee? We are dedicated to creating an inspiring and enriching experience for everyone involved in the production and enjoyment of great coffee.

We are putting on an event on June 25th where we will be beta-testing the Advanced Sensory Science course being offered at Roasters Guild Retreat as well as putting on some roasting and brewing workshops. Check it all out at:

Re: Rocky Mountain Craft Coffee Alliance

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2011 9:58 am
by Christopher Schooley
This Saturday is the event. Really looking forward to getting together with these Rocky Mt. folks. If you are intending to attend and have not registered yet, make sure that you do so before Saturday as the door price is a little more.