SCAA Instructor Development Program, Milwaukee, WI, March 10

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SCAA Instructor Development Program, Milwaukee, WI, March 10

Postby Ellie on Tue Dec 29, 2009 12:47 pm

Registration is now open for the Winter Instructor Development Program (IDP). This program is presented by the SCAA Professional Development Committee and is open to any SCAA member interested in becoming an instructor in our Lab Courses at Expo or Regional Skill-Building Workshops.

Thank you to so many of you who have emailed me directly in response to the email announcement that went out last week. I am starting this thread in hopes of sharing the information that answers some of the questions that have been coming up, that I imagine others are also wondering. Apologies for the lengthy explanation here but I feel it necessary to adequately explain this program and its objectives, and to very enthusiastically invite you to participate. If brevity is more your speed, or if you already know the history/purpose of the IDP, I've provided a bullet-point summary at the end answering "Who should attend the Winter IDP in Milwaukee on March 10?" and encourage you to skip ahead to this section indicated conveniently by boldface typebelow. At any point, please do feel free to email me directly (I am this year's Pro Dev Committee Chair) using my email address which is ellie at or PM me here.

About the IDP: The IDP was launched in September 2009 by the SCAA Professional Development Committee in conjunction with our September Leadership Summit & Board meeting. At this first IDP, attendees participated in this exciting new workshop designed to give back valuable professional development and skills training to the group of volunteers that more often has been the givers of professional development to SCAA's membership. The goals of the program are in accordance with SCAA's strategic plan and also will enhance the quality of SCAA education by providing valuable skills and knowledge to our volunteer instructors.

The IDP curriculum includes the following modules:
-Basics of Workplace Education
-Adult Learning
-Presentation Skills
-Classroom management
-SCAA-specific competencies
-and much, much more...

The Lead Instructors for this program are Ildi Revi and myself. Ildi has a master's degree in Workplace Education and also works in the coffee industry (we are amazingly lucky to have her!)

We heard immediate feedback from the September participants that this workshop gave them valuable new organizational and training skills to take back to their companies. This is something that is very exciting to me and the rest of the Pro Dev Committee! The IDP will continue to be offered every September at the Leadership Summit, but we also desire to hold this event at least one other time during the SCAA year somewhere else in the country, and we selected Milwaukee, on Wednesday March 10, to deliver an event that is especially convenient for those members wishing to participate in the GLRBC also in Milwaukee. The IDP is Wednesday the 10th and Judges Training for GLRBC is Thursday 11th with the competition continuing throughout the weekend.

Upon completion of the IDP, participants receive the Lead Instructor Credential from SCAA. This Credential is necessary for any Lead Instructor for all lab courses at SCAA Expo 2010 Anaheim. (47 people received this credential in September.) Our goal is to have all Lead Instructors and all Station Instructors/Table Leads hold this credential by 2011 SCAA Expo in Houston. For 2010 Anaheim SCAA Expo, those holding the credential will be given preference as Station Instructors/Table Leads (2010 Anaheim Lead Instructors have already been assigned, we expect over 95% will be holders of the Credential at 2010 Anaheim. Our goal was 75% and we are already past that! Hooray!). Those holding the credential receive a custom lapel pin that we hope you will wear at SCAA events as a symbol of your own professional development!

In the coming fall, at the 2010 Leadership Summit, we will collect availability and preferences for Lead Instructors for 2011 Houston Expo which will be open to anyone holding the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential at that time. This March course is a great opportunity to get the credential in an environment away from the Leadership Summit- for those of you that are Guild EC members or belong to other committees, this allows you to get the credential now and focus on your Guild/Committee activity more directly in September.

Lead Instructors for all SCAA Regional Skill-Building Workshops (SBW) also must hold the SCAA Lead Instructor Credential as of April 2010 going forward.

Who should attend the Winter IDP in Milwaukee on March 10?
I recommend this course for those of you who meet any of the following criteria:

- you would like to be a Station Instructor/Table Lead at SCAA Expo 2010 Anaheim or a future regional event
- you would like to be a Lead Instructor at SCAA Expo 2011 (Houston) or a future SBW or other regional event
- training is part of your job
- you want to get involved with the SCAA Professional Development Committee
- you are attending the GLRBC and would like to take care of achieving this credential while already in Milwaukee
- you would like to be a Lab Course instructor but are also involved in other Guilds/Committees that will need your attention at the Leadership Summit
- you would rather take this course in Milwaukee than Houston or won't be able to attend the Leadership Summit in Houston in fall 2010

Registration is through the SCAA store and is $80 per person. If you have already created your profile on the SCAA website, the fields will automatically populate when you visit the link and you can also register a group if you're logged in.

I am serious that we would love to have you- the only qualifications are a commitment to excellence in SCAA education, a desire to improve SCAA education, and an open mind; this is a great way to get involved and is not just for industry veterans. Also seriously please do email/PM me if you have questions.

All the best,
Ellie Matuszak
SCAA Professional Development Committee Chair
Ellie Matuszak
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WBC Board of Directors
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