Calling for espresso photography

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Calling for espresso photography

Postby Ellie on Fri Feb 05, 2010 6:26 am

In an effort to improve the educational quality of our skill building courses, SCAA is revamping several of our PowerPoint presentations and course materials, as such we are looking for some exciting espresso-related photography. I am inspired to capture the dynamic nature of elusive espresso with real members' photographs and visual perspectives on espresso- so definitely anything from the basic documentation of extraction (good or bad) to the artistic and esoteric is welcome. Think about what would be most compelling to brand new retailers/baristas.

If you're interested in having your espresso-photog used in any of SCAA's presentations, please email me at ellliem at, or post here, or facebook, or call, or whatever- you can point me in the direction of your flickr account, send pictures, or find me on dropbox.

All submissions that are used will be cited on the slide and will be credited to the artist(s) again at the end of the presentation. All participants will have the opportunity to review the presentation prior to its completion and use in our courses.

Thanks for your help!
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