Call for photographs!

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Call for photographs!

Postby Ellie on Fri Mar 18, 2011 1:32 pm

Hi all!

We're putting the finishing touches on the presentations for classes to be delivered at the 2011 SCAA Expo in Houston. I would like to liven them up with some more recent photography. Does anyone out there have photos to share? Anyone who submits photographs will be credited "courtesy of" and the photographer will also be credited if it's a different person. We could really use pictures of people roasting, brewing, or interacting with customers. For many of our slides it is just nice to have photography along with "Course Objectives" and "Housekeeping" and slides like that- so they could be of virtually anything roaster/barista/coffee/customer/workplace related.

Please email to elliem at scaa dot org, or if they are large files, just email me and I'll give you access to a DropBox folder where they can be placed. Thanks so much!!

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