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Employee Discounts

Postby Jim Dikaios on Sat Apr 23, 2011 10:06 am

Been strugling with this issue for a while. Curious to hear how others handle this.
We offer our staff free coffee drinks while they are working (during breaks) and cost prices on pastries. They also get a free half lb. weekly. Do you offer any other staff discounts on other products, or should they want more than 1/2lb week? What to do if we suspect employee is purchasing for friends and not for personal use? Any thoughts?
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Re: Employee Discounts

Postby David Myers on Tue Apr 26, 2011 4:42 am

We offer discounts for friends and family when a staff member brings them in off shift and 1/2 off drinks for staff when the come in off shift as well. It seems that it's better to have policies that encourage compliance than those that encourage non-compliance.
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